Sunday, April 26, 2009


This is a picture of my Fenway and Sassy. Fenway was Jeffy and Lynn's dog...well kind of. She always lived with us, but she was definately "their dog". Fenway died about 6 weeks ago. We miss her sooo much. She was full of life. She loved to go in the car, and she was at the door as soon as she heard the keys. She loved to get as close to the front car window as possible. We called her "The Hood Ornament". She loved to go to the pond and chase the ducks, but she usually jumped in after them, requiring a bath when we got home, 'cause the pond water stinks so bad. We miss her hugs she always gave us...we miss her "butt slamming" the other dogs. Fenway was a really fast runner. She could run like the wind. She also loved to go camping with Lynn and Jeffy, and also go to softball games with them. She had several "sleep overs" at their appartment before they moved to Tennessee. Fenway was the outgoing one of the 3 weiners. She would get Sassy and Molly in the chase mode, and they would run around the house, sliding on the rugs, and bouncing off the furniture. We really miss Fenway. Her AKC name was : Having a Ball With Fenway.
Fenway and Sassy


  1. We miss her. I'm not sure it'll really sink in until we go back and realize she's really not there.

    We miss you guys too! Good job with the blog, it looks really good :)

  2. I wish I could have met Fenway.
    She sounds like she was a happy puppy who loved you all so much.
    I love you, Julie.